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ARTICLE InspirationJuly 5, 2014

Why Viva Soccer scored with e-commerce


Gone are the days of parents having to dig out cash or a cheque to pay for their child’s sports lesson – former Socceroo Craig Moore’s Viva Soccer program is an example of a sports coaching company that has embraced online bookings and payments.

Former Socceroo star Craig Moore wants to spread a love of soccer to every household in Australia. Having represented the Socceroos 52 times, Moore is currently at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, where he was working as football adviser and ambassador for his former national team, as they battled some of the world’s leading soccer nations.

While Moore is away soaking up the World Cup atmosphere, his not-for-profit children’s soccer training company, Viva Soccer, continues to spread the word about soccer.

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Viva Soccer was started by Craig Moore in 2009 and runs soccer programs for children. It uses a SecurePay payment gateway for online payments.

Viva Soccer: kicking goals

Moore started Viva Soccer in 2009, with the aim of becoming the leading national provider of grassroots soccer training for children aged three to 16.

Based on the Gold Coast, Viva Soccer offers a range of training programs at childcare centres and sports fields throughout Queensland. It also runs soccer camps during the school holidays.

Online and on the field

Viva Soccer adopted SecurePay’s online payment method from day one. SecurePay integrates with Viva Soccer’s bespoke online booking system, which also captures customer information for its database.

Although Viva Soccer does not use e-commerce to sell tangible goods, Tommy Peak, Director of Coaching and Operations at Viva Soccer, says the principle is the same for selling something like soccer lessons. “I think a service like SecurePay works for many different kinds of sales and different environments,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell, the method is the same.”

We employ a number of different coaches to do sessions, so having online payments takes away the whole cash handling element for them."

Tommy Peak, Viva Soccer

E-commerce and business efficiency

Peak says having an online booking and payment system has helped enormously with the management and tracking of payments.

“We employ a number of different coaches to do sessions, so having online payments takes away the whole cash handling element for them,” explains Peak. “We can also clearly see who has or hasn’t paid, and we can easily follow up any outstanding payments – we just contact parents directly. It’s brilliant.”

Peak adds that there is no longer the need for parents to have to hand over envelopes of cash or cheques at the soccer venues. “The coaches don’t need to bring cash back to the office, which saves on time and saves them having to drive around. It is also more secure.”

Expansion plans

Viva Soccer has coached more than 10,000 children over the past few years and plans to expand beyond Queensland and northern NSW in the near future.

“Each school term, we set up a program and have different kids signing up for it,” says Peak. “We’re constantly looking for new schools, venues, childcare centres and clubs where we can set up programs. From there, we advertise the training programs and the kids pay for a certain number of lessons.”

Viva Soccer encourages children to achieve their personal best rather than to strive to win. It presents an “Outstanding Attitude” medal at the end of each course to the child who has demonstrated that they understand it's not always about winning but about helping others, too.

That may not be the overriding maxim at World Cup level, but it’s sure to stand our budding champions in good stead.

Did you know?

You don’t need to sell a physical product to use an online payment gateway. A SecurePay payment gateway allows you to accept payments online through Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for services or events.

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