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ARTICLE TechnologyJuly 9, 2014

There’s an app for that: Diabetes NSW


Diabetes NSW has introduced new fundraising technology with a GiveEasy app. The council shares its top tips for charities that want to expand their fundraising platforms to include mobile apps.

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in the country. In fact, one Australian is diagnosed with diabetes every five minutes. For the past 75 years, Diabetes NSW (previously The Australian Diabetes Council) has been working to slow this trend, fund research for better treatment and empower people with diabetes to effectively manage their condition.

“Diabetes NSW supports people living with diabetes every step of the way,” says Trish Egan, the council’s Head of Community and Consumer. “This is manifested through the provision of a wide variety of education services for people newly diagnosed with diabetes and their families and carers, so that their diabetes can be managed to prevent the development of the many complications which can occur.

“We also fund research into diabetes with the view to one day finding a cure or better understanding how to prevent its development altogether.”

Online communications plays a large role in the strategy towards this mission. Through its website, social media channels and third-party fundraising sites, Diabetes NSW takes advantage of the digital space to reach out to a wide audience, providing a valuable wealth of practical information for people with diabetes, as well spreading awareness of its work in advocacy and research – and, importantly, encouraging online donations.

“The website plays a key role in giving people information and outlining ways to get involved,” says Egan. “We are finding that more and more people are donating online, and we make sure that the ‘donate now’ button is visible on all our pages. We also put up news items and banners on the site to support our latest appeals, and people can donate straight from those, too.”

Did you know?

National Diabetes Awareness Week runs from 13 to 19 July 2014. Diabetes NSW runs a range of educational and awareness programs. It recently introduced a GiveEasy app

Mobile apps: the next frontier in online fundraising

Taking online fundraising to new levels has seen Diabetes NSW recently implementing GiveEasy, a unique giving platform supported by SecurePay. An Australian social enterprise, GiveEasy allows users to swiftly and easily donate to the charity or cause of their choice from their iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

The app gives charities a seamless introduction to the world of mobile giving, while also providing users with a simple, safe and reliable way to support the charities they care about.

In the case of Diabetes NSW, signing up to GiveEasy was recognition of “the importance of giving people a choice in how they give”, says Egan. “Giving by mobile is sure to be something that will be increasingly popular in the future,” she adds.

Experts agree that mobile giving is poised to become an essential element of online fundraising over the next few years. Tim Longfoot, co-founder and Managing Director of the UK’s Open Fundraising agency, says mobile must become central to fundraising programs in order for charities and not-for-profits to thrive in our changing media landscape.

“Mobile is a rare thing,” he says in an interview for Australia’s Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine. “It accommodates payment and communication in the same device. It's a gateway into social networks. We all have one. We all use it compulsively to run our lives. This is not a fad. It's not going away.”

Diabetes NSW currently allows both donations and membership payments to be made through the GiveEasy app. The app is free for users to download, and donations can be made via credit card, SecurePay or workplace giving. Donation details are also easily accessible to users for their convenience when tax time rolls around. 

Mobile fundraising apps: choice and flexibility

For other organisations looking for new ways to expand their fundraising channels, Diabetes NSW says the flexibility and choice offered by mobile donation makes it well worth adding to the mix.

“It’s good to keep promoting the app – and all other ways of donating – so that donors know the choice they have, and they can make the decision about how they want to give,” advises Egan. “It is best to give donors as many options as possible when it comes to supporting an organisation.”

Did you know?

If you run a not-for-profit organisation, speak to SecurePay about its e-commerce solutions for charities of all sizes, which will enable you to accept donations online.

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