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ARTICLE PaymentsDecember 9, 2014

SecurePay Online Payments: easy integration and unchanged APIs


Web developers told us they love how our APIs and integration work – that’s why we’ve kept things easy by not changing any technical elements of our new payments solution, SecurePay Online Payments.

SecurePay is transforming the payments industry in Australia with its powerful new SecurePay Online Payments solution, but what is not changing is our APIs or integration guides.

Web developers say this is a huge benefit for them and their clients.

Cameron Flanigan is CEO at Rocksalt International, which develops the shopping cart software VP Cart.

“We’ve always found it very easy to install SecurePay,” he says. “We have a library of more than 200 [payment] gateways around the world and we use a relevant one for each client. SecurePay is one of the easiest to integrate and the documentation is clear and straightforward.”

Flanigan adds that he is excited to start working with SecurePay Online Payments as it will make the process of setting up an online payments solution even easier for clients. That’s because SecurePay Online Payments combines an internet merchant account with a secure payment gateway into one solution. 

Useful links and tools 

Rocksalt International is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With over 50,000 installations globally and 30 new downloads a day it is one of the fastest growing shopping cart solutions in the world.

Cut out banks – keep projects on track

“Our clients won’t have to jump through any hoops with the banks [with SecurePay Online Payments],” says Flanigan, adding this will help to speed up e-commerce projects. “The banks are generally dinosaurs – they are very difficult to deal with, and [applying for an internet merchant account] can be time-consuming for our clients. The support from the banks can also be non-existent, so we tend to steer clients away from them,” he says. 

Developer Centre, local support team

To support the unchanged APIs, full integration guides are available online in the dedicated Developer Centre.

The SecurePay support team is based in Australia, so it’s easy to speak with a payments expert about integration or any other queries if you need to. Flanigan says: “SecurePay is very easy to contact – although it’s very rare that we need any help from them anyway.”

Also, SecurePay has a referral program for partners that pays a competitive commission (terms and conditions apply – more details are available online). This is just one more way that SecurePay ensures it makes developers’ lives as easy as possible. 

Did you know?

Sign up online now or get in touch with the SecurePay Online Payments team on 1300 656 372 or email:

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