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ARTICLE TechnologyJanuary 20, 2015

Five ways SecurePay is flying the flag for Aussie e-commerce


January 26 is a celebration of all things Australian. SecurePay is a locally owned and operated payments provider that is committed to growing e-commerce in Australia. Here are five ways that SecurePay helps local online businesses.

Australia Day is nearly upon us, and here at SecurePay we are constantly looking for new ways to make e-commerce easier and better for Australian online businesses. Here are five ways we are taking online payments and e-commerce forward in Australia. 

1. We understand Australian businesses – we are one!

SecurePay has been providing Australian businesses and organisations with secure online payment solutions for more than 15 years. Having originated as an Australian start-up, SecurePay today provides secure online payment solutions to more than 40,000 Australian businesses and organisations. We understand the needs of e-commerce businesses at all stages of their development. Whether you’re just starting to sell online or you’re a large enterprise organisation, we have online payment solutions to suit your specific needs – from SecurePay Online Payments, which can get businesses selling online in just five business days, to complex, enterprise-sized solutions for councils and large organisations. 

2. Online payment solutions designed for Aussie businesses

SecurePay provides a range of payment solutions and products that are specifically designed for Australian businesses. These include FraudGuard, which helps to mitigate online credit card fraud. FraudGuard offers business owners flexibility and options regarding which rules they want to set. For instance, you can opt to block transactions from a particular country entirely or you can set up a rule regarding the value of transactions. Other products include Straightsell, which can integrate with many accounting software packages. This helps e-commerce business owners to manage their inventory and streamlines accounting by removing manual processes.

3. We are based in Australia

SecurePay’s teams are based right here, in Australia, with our headquarters in Melbourne. Our support teams are able to assist business owners with queries, or web developers with technical questions. Your call won’t be routed overseas or go to an overseas call centre, so you can rest easy knowing that you can always get help when you need it, between 8am and 8pm Australian Eastern Time. And because we are locally based, our expert teams are able to provide you with solutions that will suit your local e-commerce business’s specific needs. 

4. Business data is held in Australia

Businesses and individuals are sharing more data and information with suppliers and organisations than ever before. Unlike some online payment providers, with SecurePay your data and information remains in Australia at all times, on our local servers. This means your business information is protected by Australian laws and regulations and you are safe in the knowledge that we will always seek your consent before using it.

5. We are a business of Australia Post

SecurePay is part of Australia Post, which is one of Australia’s oldest companies. Today, Australia Post is an integral part of Australian business and life. As a nimble online payments provider, SecurePay, along with Australia Post, is working towards providing complete, end-to-end e-commerce solutions that support the growth of Australia’s e-commerce businesses.  

Did you know?

You could have your business accepting online payments securely in just five business days with SecurePay Online Payments. And you don’t even have to visit your bank for a merchant internet account to get started. 

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