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ARTICLE MarketingSeptember 3, 2015

Five tips for a successful campaign on Facebook


With Father’s Day falling on 6 September this year, Australian online retailers are actively using social media platforms such as Facebook to take advantage of the bump in customer spending.

Such special occasions provide the perfect opportunity for brands and small to medium businesses to launch creative, theme-based Facebook campaigns.

Steve Hibberd, CEO and co-founder of Tiger Pistol, a Melbourne-based Facebook advertising company helping 25 million small and medium businesses says, “The level of cross-platform and mobile targeting available on Facebook is unmatched".

“Facebook campaigns are a great way to reach busy, on-the-go mobile shoppers multiple times, wherever they go and at the right stage of their shopping journey when they are most likely to convert", he adds.

Timing your campaign on Facebook

As with most shopping experiences, customers often take their time between browsing and actually buying, so the path to purchase could take weeks. This is where the timing of your campaign is essential.

“Buying behaviour on Facebook is different to other channels,” says Hibberd. “It's best to launch your campaigns at least two to three weeks prior to the special day you are targeting such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. This allows you to create brand awareness and engagement around your campaign.”

Campaign objectives

If you’ve decided to run a Facebook campaign, the next step is to define campaign objectives and allocate budget – both important factors when measuring the success of your campaign, points out Hibberd.

“Success of a Facebook campaign can vary greatly based on your business, campaign objectives and definition of success,” he adds. “One of the most foolproof methods to measure the return on investment of your campaign is to use pixel tracking for social campaigns, to track and attribute online conversions and sales.”

Hibberd says businesses can also use offline-tracking measures and data, such as in-store sales lift that can then be attributed back to specific Facebook campaigns.

Practical tips

Here are five things to keep in mind before you launch a theme or event based Facebook campaign:

1. Target a select audience. Think about who you want to target – for instance, is it the millennials, Gen X or mums buying on behalf of children? Once you have a target audience, you can create a campaign targeted to them.

2. Create customer profiles.  Once you’ve selected your target audience, describe your ideal customers, their goals and interests. Then use this information to create customer profiles, aka personas. With these customer profiles, you can reach the right type of people with quality creative. This way, your campaign will appear relevant, rather than intrusive or “spammy”.

3. Use carousel ads. Facebook’s new multi-product ad format released in 2015 allows you to feature more products in a single ad, giving customers additional reasons to click to buy or to find out more about your store. These high-performing ads are a great way to drive more conversions for fewer ad dollars spent.

4. Guide prospective buyers. Choosing gifts isn’t easy. Help your target audience make the right decision by creating ads around gift ideas and providing shopping guides and tips to help them pick the right gift for any occasion.

5. Offer a compelling promotional incentive. When your target audience sees your ad, they might not take action immediately because the Facebook newsfeed is distracting. You can counter this by offering a compelling, time-sensitive offer that will push them to take immediate action.

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