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ARTICLE Business TipsMay 11, 2016

Five benefits of having a PO Box for your business


Running your own business? Then it’s high time you got a PO Box address – and here are five good reasons why.

A post office box (PO Box) address isn’t just for big businesses: it can improve the efficiency of any business. Here are five benefits of having a PO Box for your business that you may not have considered.

1. Better mail security

A PO Box keeps your letters safe and sound until you’re ready to collect your mail. The security of your PO Box also means important deliveries are protected from the weather and away from prying eyes.

The security of a PO Box is particularly handy when you are away from your business at any time. Whether it’s a day, a week or longer, your mail is safely stored for you by Australia Post. Gone are the days of calling on a neighbour to clear your letterbox for you. 

2. A professional image

A suburban street address can create a misleading impression for a business and can also pigeonhole you as a small-time operator. By using a PO Box address, you enhance the professional image and status of your business with clients and customers. 

3. Greater privacy

If you’re operating your business from a home office, do you really want your personal address available to the world? It’s imperative that clients can easily access your postal address via your website and email. But if that means revealing where you live and work, then it’s time for the privacy of a PO Box.

For professional reasons, you may also wish to keep your mail private and separate from other residents at your physical address. You can do that easily if you have your own PO Box address.

4. Convenience

As soon as the mail is sorted, it’s delivered to your PO Box. You can then swing past your nominated post office and collect all your mail at a time that suits you. With more than 3,500 post office box locations nationwide and 24-hour post box access at most post offices, that really does mean at your convenience.

You’ll also know when you have mail to collect. With Mail2Day alerts, you can receive notifications of postal deliveries via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Mail2Day is free with your PO Box subscription and helps make your business more efficient. 

5. Business continuity

A PO Box means there’s no hassle if you change the physical location of your business. Your mail will continue to be delivered to your PO Box.

For start-ups in particular, it makes good business sense to prepare for success and lock in your PO Box mailing address from day one. You’ll never have to worry about changing your stationery or your business cards – with a PO Box address nothing needs to change when you move.

Apply now

To sign up for a PO Box for your business, download an application form or pick one up at your nearest Post Office. 


This article was compiled by Australia Post. It is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be specific advice for your business needs. We recommend you get your own legal advice before setting up your small business.

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