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ARTICLE InspirationAugust 20, 2015

How to raise funds online: Cancer Council Tasmania


Cancer Council Tasmania CEO Penny Egan (pictured) says the organisation participates in national days, such as Daffodil Day on 26 August, as well as local fundraisers – including one that saw Egan and other participants exploring parts of the state on quad bikes.

With 26 August marking Daffodil Day, we find out from Cancer Council Tasmania how its online activities help in raising funds.

Often regional charities struggle to raise funds and provide support services on a large scale, however Cancer Council Tasmania  have successfully overcome these challenges through a well planned online strategy. The council’s website serves a wide audience with content ranging from their national strategies to information tailored to specific needs. 

Penny Egan, Cancer Council Tasmania’s CEO, is passionate about the opportunities that online and social media offer charities.

“Online is becoming more and more important,” she says. “It is especially important as we know it is not a pledge. With online, we receive the money straightaway – that is really important for our planning.”

Egan adds that people decide to donate online for a range of reasons. “It might be a general donation or a memorial event or for a specific fundraising event,” she says.

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National Cancer Council strategies

As a regional charity, Cancer Council Tasmania is focused on how it can tap into national resources and strategies and make them relevant for Tasmanians.

Daffodil Day, held on the fourth Friday in August each year (26 August in 2016), is an example of a national program in which Cancer Council Tasmania participates. Importantly, all money raised in the state – whether from local fundraising, online donations or national days such as Daffodil Day – remains in Tasmania. This, explains Egan, is “really vital”.

SecurePay provides the payment gateway for Cancer Council Tasmania, as well as the other Cancer Councils in Australia. Egan says this is an example of where regional charities can collaborate and achieve greater efficiencies.

“It makes perfect sense that SecurePay is the national provider across the [Cancer Council] businesses,” she says. “All of the CEOs focus on where we can collaborate, and there are lots of opportunities to find efficiencies. It is very positive for us.”

Cancer Council Tasmania’s website redevelopment

With online playing an increasingly important role for all charities and their fundraising efforts, Egan says Cancer Council Tasmania has revamped its website over the past six months, “because that is how people want to connect”.

“It is the place for them to go for information,” she adds. “We have also aligned it with Cancer Council Australia and the national branding. People know that there is real credibility behind the information.”

Cancer Council Tasmania is marking Daffodil Day with a number of fundraising activities, including selling daffodils and merchandise, with funds raised going towards cancer research, prevention programs and support services. In 2013 – with the help of 200 volunteers – it raised more than $150,000 on Daffodil Day in Tasmania.

Cancer Council Tasmania’s top tips for online fundraising:

1. Keep the online donation process simple.

2. Look at all the options for managing websites and social media, including outsourcing where it makes sense to do so.

3. Create internal processes for following up with online donors and ensure they are always thanked.

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