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Merchant login

SecurePay's merchant login is a comprehensive set of tools that allows you to manage all aspects of your SecurePay account:

  • all accounts access all features
  • no additional cost
  • new features are being added regularly
  • add as many users as you like and categorise them into roles.

Features include:

  • the ability to view a summary of all your SecurePay accounts
  • take payments from cards or bank accounts
  • trigger payments against stored customers or tokens
  • search for historic transactions
  • reconcile your payments to your bank account
  • upload and process payment batch files
  • store and manage customers and tokens
  • set up future scheduled payments
  • download daily report files
  • manage your FraudGuard settings
  • manage your account details
  • manage user access and permissions via roles.

Developer Centre

SecurePay integrates with major shopping carts, as well as custom-built websites. SecurePay Online Payments' APIs
remain unchanged.

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Why do I need an online payments solution ?

An online payments solution allows you to accept payments securely via your website, giving your customers peace of mind and minimising your business risk.

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