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Daily remittance file

Automate your accounting processes by opting to receive a daily remittance file. SecurePay will send
you a list of all payment transactions paid during the preceding day, in one of the pre-defined text file formats.

Some of the typical customisation requirements include:

  1. Custom field separator – comma, tab, space.
  2. Fixed width or variable width reports.
  3. Optional header and footer lines.
  4. Multiple reports split by account, payment channel or payment type.

The individual details of each payment record contained within a report can include any field stored in the SecurePay system, except the full card number.

SecurePay can deliver the file via:

  • Email
  • Manual download via the merchant login.

Why is SecurePay your best choice ?

Get online fast, with less hassle. SecurePay Online Payments has a simple online application process, with no visits to banks.

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Why do I need an online payments solution ?

An online payments solution allows you to accept payments securely via your website, giving your customers peace of mind and minimising your business risk.

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