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Knock On Wood Toys

“The great thing about SecurePay Online Payments is that we receive notification of payment on the same day.”

Knock On Wood Toys is a Queensland-based pure-play e-commerce retailer. While the business is committed to providing traditional wooden toys that will last for decades, when it comes to e-commerce the retailer has turned to the latest option for its online payments: SecurePay's all-in-one online payments solution, SecurePay Online Payments. 

SecurePay Online Payments launched in 2014. It combines a payment gateway with an internet merchant account, so merchants have one point of contact for online payments, with no need to call the bank about transactions.

In this case study, Craig Aitken - owner of Knock On Wood Toys - describes how SecurePay Online Payments is working for his business, including easy integration with Magento, fast settlement times and more. 

Knock On Wood Toys case study